The various physical properties of dimension stones are tested by means of the procedures documented by ASTM. ASTM also publishes standards for the major stone types, listing the minimum/maximum values to be expected from a particular stone type in a particular test. It should be noted that there are many stones that do not meet these values, yet have demonstrated satisfactory performance in a variety of applications. This table should then be considered to be more of a general guide than an absolute pass/fail gauge.

Table of Dimension Stone Testing Values per ASTM Standard Specifications

Absorption (max) per ASTM C 97Density (min) per ASTM C 97Modulus of Rupture (min) ASTM C 99(9)(10)Compressive Strength (min) ASTM C 170Abrasion Resistance (min) ASTM C 241Flexural Strength (min) ASTM C 880
Stone TypeASTM Standard%lbs/ft3kg/m3lbs/in2Mpalbs/in2MpaHalbs/in2Mpa
GraniteASTM C 6150.40%1602,5601,50010.3419,000131251,2008.27
MarbleASTM C 5030.20%1622,5901,0006.897,50052101,0006.89
Limestone (1)ASTM C 56812.00%1101,7604002.761,8001210n/an/a
Limestone (2)ASTM C 5687.50%1352,1605003.454,0002810n/an/a
Limestone (3)ASTM C 5683.00%1602,5601,0006.898,0005510n/an/a
Quartz - Based(4)ASTM C 6168.00%1252,0003502.414,000282n/an/a
Quartz - Based(5)ASTM C 6163.00%1502,4001,0006.8910,000698n/an/a
Quartz - Based(6)ASTM C 6161.00%1602,5602,00013.7920,0001388n/an/a
Slate (7)ASTM C 6290.25%n/an/a9,00062.05n/an/a8n/an/a
Slate (8)ASTM C 6290.45%n/an/a7,20049.64n/an/a8n/an/a


1) Low Density Limestone 
2) Medium Density Limestone 
3) High Density Limestone 
4) Sandstone 
5) Quartzitic Sandstone 
6) Quartzite 
7) For Exterior Use 
8) For Interior Use 
9) Test Procedure for Modulus of Rupture Testing of Slate is C 120.
10) Modulus of Rupture values for slate are taken across the grain. 


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